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This week I am so excited to be participating in the Blogging Across America link up! The project is the idea of Jodie Rodriguez at Growing Book by Book and she has worked really hard organizing bloggers from each state. Each blogger is featuring a book about his/her state as well as an activity to go with that book. I’m so excited to see what kind of books get featured!

Welcome to South Carolina! I am choosing to share the book Legare the Low Country Lizard by Christi Sanford.

Legare (La-gree) is a lizard who lives in a garden in Charleston, SC. Legare finds a sand dollar in the garden of his home in downtown Charleston and decides to return it to the ocean. As he journeys to return the sand dollar to the ocean he passes through Charleston and sees many of the sites that Charleston is famous for. This is a really charming book! Kiddos will love following Legare’s adventure while learning all about the rich history of Charleston. It is written in rhyme so it is a catchy story to read out loud. Each page has footnotes about the buildings/places that Legare passes. You also learn about the geography of the Low Country which encompasses not only the Peninsula of Charleston but nearby rivers, beaches, and the Atlantic Ocean. There are several other Legare books as well, so if you take a shine to him there is more to learn and share! :)

Here in South Carolina we love our state flag. Some might say we are even a little obsessed with it! You will find the Palmetto tree and crescent moon decorating just about anything you can think of from bow ties to flip flops to stickers to towels… well you get the idea!

You might say we just can't get enough Palmetto stuff!

In keeping with our Palmetto fascination I thought I would share a super easy, super cute project that kiddos will love because they get to use their hands!

Palmetto Hand Tree

Supplies Needed: paper, paint (white and whatever background color you would like), paint brush, sponge.

Step One: Begin with some blue paint (or really any color you like:) and cover your sheet thoroughly. Let that dry before the next step.

Step Two: Use white paint to paint child’s hand and forearm. Carefully place arm evenly with bottom of paper and press down on hand/arm. You may want to add a few more hand prints to the top of the tree if you want it to be fuller…

Step Three: Use paint brush to make a “crescent moon” in the corner.

See, easy as 1,2,3 you have a super cute picture!


*My “Palmetto stuff” collage picture is random pictures from Google images. I am not getting paid any money to have the pictures on my blog. I will try to cite where I found each picture, just so the original source gets credit.

Palmetto Tervis Tumblers (This website also source of “Proud to be SC” picture and pink Palmetto blanket)

Palmetto hair bow

Palmetto Wood Picture

Palmetto Sticker



Here is a list of all the bloggers participating across the US… that means a fun book and activity for each and every state!



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