How can it be Friday again already???? I don’t know. But it certainly got here fast! Possibly because in just 3 days I will be leaving on a jet plane for Scotland. We are taking our Sweet One to visit our dearest friends in Scotland. The Boy King is staying home with the in-laws. The world isn’t ready for him to go international yet.

What was going on this week as we prepared?

I had a marathon baking session so my sister in law could come and take pictures for like 3 weeks worth of blogs...

The Boy King wanted me to think of him while baking…

It is raining. It is also sunny at the same time. Crazy weather much?

The Boy King got a hair cut.

After a bribe consisting of one lollypop and one slushee the Boy King consented to sit still for a haircut. My husband took him. Yes, this is post haircut. I wanted it to still be shaggy/longish, just not so shaggy/longish I couldn’t see his peepers. Little shaggy surfer headed munchkin.

Thank goodness for Little Gym! I can't wait for the Boy King to be old enough to do individual classes too!

I thrills and amazes me every single time I hear my Sweet One reading. Happy sigh.

A box full of fairy books!

Have I ever mentioned My Sweet One’s videos? She has a youtube channel and everything. Last week she “explained” “Chapter Book Fairies” (her name for the book series by Daisy Meadows.) This week her preschool teacher from when she was 2 sent her a box full of Daisy Meadow’s books that her own daughter and read and outgrew! Love free books!

"I like to move it, move it!"

Our patient, old dog Scout has an amazing ability to ignore the Boy King’s shenanigans.

Until next week...

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